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Tai Ji is a form of the traditional healing arts. Since the beginning, the development of Tai Ji has absorbed the essence of Chinese medicine and been shaped by the principles of Chinese Martial Arts. Today, throughout the world millions of people rich and poor, young and old, male and female, strong and weak, from all walks of life, at both dawn and at dusk practice Tai Ji Quan to better their physical and mental strength, to learn about themselves and the natural world, and to enrich the quality of their lives.
The powerful therapeutic effects of Tai Ji Quan lead to improvements in the well-being of our minds and bodies which are credited to the characteristics of its movements. These well coordinated and relaxed body movements are slow and uninterrupted like flowing streams and moving clouds. The practice of Tai Ji Quan requires a high degree of synchronization between mind and body; the mind is tranquil but alert with a focused consciousness directing the body movements in conjunction with deep abdominal breathing that is performed in rhythmic harmony creating a unified flow of energy.
One of the key driving forces behind the continuing development of the cultural traditions of Tai Ji Quan is its adaptability and the ability to apply its theoretical principles and methods to meet the needs of contemporary life and social reality.
Since its birth, Tai Ji Quan has been shaped by the ideas of relativity and achieving balance in the process of change. Along with the theories of Yin & Yang and the Five Elements, Tai Ji Quan is also imbedded with a set of principles promoting elasticity in our personal reactions (internal) to environmental actions (external).

Tai Ji & Health
Tai Ji & Health
The word “Tai” means “Supreme”, “Ji” (or Chi) means “Boundary”, and the word “Quan” simply means “fist” or “movement”. Together the term “Tai Ji Quan” implies a method of movement to cultivate…       
Wheelchair Tai Ji in 2008 Paralympics
Wheelchair Tai Ji at 2008 Paralympics
As a trained medical anthropologist who also has years of training and teaching experience with Tai Ji (or Tai Chi), a form of Chinese traditional healing arts, Dr. Zibin Guo has been always …       
Seated Tai Ji for Rehabilitation
Seated Tai Ji for Rehabilitation
Physical disabilities in general and severe physical disabilities in particular not only bring a tremendous amount of physiological and psychological suffering to the individuals, but they can also create…      
Seated Tai Ji in Your Office
Seated Tai Ji in Your Office
Tai Ji is one of the most popular and effective mind and body exercises in the world. The powerful effects of Tai Ji exercise on mind and body are credited to the characteristics of its movements. …       
Seated Tai Ji for Back Pain
Seated Tai Ji for Back Pain
Tai Ji is one of the most popular mind and body healing arts around the world. A large number of clinical studies have found that regular Tai Ji exercise improves the physical and mental…       
Seated Tai Ji for Shoulder Pain
Seated Tai Ji for Shoulder Pain
To help you find an alternative, effective and inexpensive self-care method to improve your neck and shoulder conditions, this program specifically offers sitting Tai Ji exercises in four simple …     
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CTJC Committee Mission Statement - Communicate the benefits and promote the study of Tai Ji in the Chattanooga area. For more information please visit: www.taijicommunity.com

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